Wasteland is a world which provides many benefits for players, it is also home to many of the staff and player-run competitions which take place occasionally on the server.

Getting ThereEdit

Getting to Wasteland is simple. Teleporting to spawn and walking forwards will bring you to the Wasteland portal which is different to any other portal at spawn due to it being horizontal as opposed to vertical.


There are no rules in Wasteland unless specified by the organiser of a legitimate server competition.


  • Quarries can be used, but should be hidden well incase somebody decides to grief it.
  • PvP is allowed and there is no obligation to hand back any items dropped when a player is killed.

Additional InformationEdit

World ResetsEdit

The entire Wasteland map will be reset on the first Thursday of every month, therefore players should be aware that all possessions should be removed prior to this date - they cannot and will not be recovered.